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The school plays a key role in the lives of our children if you think that most of the hours lived between the classroom.

"Mens sana in corpore sano" ..

Indeed, it is a real gym with its bumps and sweat carries the ultimate aim to perfect "mindset" that will enable the 'insertion into the real LIFE to the future citizen of the world!

... "Per aspera ad astra !!!"

What if ... the training is hard and constant results will be seen not immediately but in the long term.
Years pass, fashions pass, but the school is still the place where you can forge the personality of future generations and make them emerge.
In this article I wanted to compare two approaches to the school situation and answer the question has always existed in human thought: better school or school worse ???

To you readers the choice ... and the judge!

The school is the worst that merely identify capacity and obvious merits.
The best school is the one that discovers ability and merit them where it seemed that there were not.
The school is worse than the one that says: "Thank God, we have rejected seven, we finally have a nice classett to".
The best school is the one that says: "What a class, we have not lost a single one."
The school is worse than the one that says: "Here we talk only if asked!"
The best school is the one that says, "Here you learn to ask questions!"
The school is worse than the one that says: "Some people are born to dig and some are born to study."
The best school is the one that shows: "This is a really stupid idea!"
The school is the worst one that prefers the easy to the difficult.
The best school is the one that's easy to boredom opposes the passion of hard.
The school is worse than the one that says:

  1. "I taught mathematics, I? Yes. "
  2. "You know the math, you? No. "
  3. "Go right!"

The best school is the one that says: "Let's get back and see where we went wrong."
The school is worse than the one that says: "All you have to learn to square with the one true religion, one that'll teach you!"
The best school is the one that says, "Here you learn only to use your head."
The school sends worst street who should be removed from the street and from the mafia.
The best school goes on the street to take back those who were taken away.
The worst school says: "Oh how beautiful it was when the teachers were respected, did lessons in peace, promoted the son of a doctor and the son bocciavano worker."
The best school if I remember well, that time, and works because she will not come back anymore.
The school is worse than the one in which to be absent is better than being present.
The best school is the one where being present is better than being absent.

So .... The school I want first of all is a school that works!

The school Italian? It would not be so bad ...... if only it worked !!! the judgment is not altogether bad but certainly lapidary some students during one of the many conversations class!
Ask a school not easier but more up to date, more able to provide students with instruments of knowledge and necessary method today, perhaps more just in terms of the valuation methods and still marked by relationships more "collaborative" between teachers discenti.Molti and more, then, and not many "fewer".
"Together there is nothing we can not do," he liked to say Audrey Hepburn in his appeals to individuals and governments to take action to ensure that the poorest children in health, education, protection of violence.
The school that I would not a school but a school super-luxury "sincere" where students genuinely love one another and who cares about them educazione.Una school where they establish a relationship alive is especially true where the educational relationship.
The school that I would have the trained teachers, teachers paid so much and evaluated, teachers deserve a very high salary because teachers are capable, educationally, emotionally and psychologically. And not afraid to be evaluated each year and reconsider their views.
The school that I would love the nature and time.
The school that I would have the rules, exercise books, benches for sitting. But also the non-rules is to serve the spontaneous creativity, not the gags, not silenced, he does not try to stiffen and normarla. In short it is an inclusive school where all together we proceed in one direction, in which you share the lives, in which he feels a strong sense of apparteneza.
A school that gives top priority to student learning because as Albert Einstein said: "Learning is un'esperienza.Tutto else is just information."

Then we teach therefore learn not to inform!


Professor Angela Scalera




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By: Prof. Angela Scalera

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4 comments to "The school that I want: training for life or Nazi concentration camp?"

  1. Antonio Muratore: 1 December 2011 | 21:39 |

    To Professor Angela Scalera, I can tell you straight off, his article seems to be written by a teacher not, perhaps by one of his students, to the simplicity of the fluency and self-denial that demonstrates teaching (it should be); for understanding and kindness given to his students.
    The article is well thought to be taken such as for a better future, the children of today are the leaders and politicians of tomorrow ,,,!
    I always thought that the teaching is not well paid nor valued in the right measure, one need only think that the gentlemen politicians, judges and other privileged categories come staggering figure and pensions of Riley, and think that have come out of our schools, and our Teachers who receive 10% of the salaries of Lords already
    mentioned and in spite of that, meet teachers with passion can give everything for a healthy education of their students, I applaud the prof. Angela Scalera of Altamura (BA) and a big thank you !!!

  2. Fabian Luceri: 2 December 2011 | 07:42 |

    Sometimes the school is huge "damage" not understanding the boys, not knowing what they come up with more positive have.
    The superficiality of the teachers often leads students to make wrong choices !!!
    Congratulations Angela

  3. MyLEMON: 2 December 2011 | 10:02 |

    Sorry for the intrusion (sometimes it happens that feel the need to do so :) ) But I wanted to do my own account:
    look optimistically to the future means also and above all make a realistic plan and weighted in every detail to work every day. Working every day with determination, conviction and spirit of service the project (even what may seem unrealistic or difficult to achieve) becomes possible.
    Today we are called to make a choice: surrender to the future or get involved, determining it and molding it with our beliefs, with our hopes and our values, thus building for future generations a better world and providing them with a life and a future more worthy to be lived. Professor Angela Scalera is convinced of this. I like her and I think we can work on this ... but this is just my free opinion. Greetings to all and congratulations Angela for your article as always, this time too, offered some valid and important food for thought for all of us. :)

  4. Luigi: 2 December 2011 | 10:42 |

    Dear Angela, I would add that the school that is where I would like teachers, parents and students together for a walk for life, in life, with life forever.