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Dossier: EXPORT OF REFUSAL "MADE IN ITALY". (Third and final installment)

In Naples, they would say "horned and clubs."

If it is true, as it certainly is true, that the Entity public money is always missing, to renovate a school, to repair a road, to improve social service, etc.., It is natural to wonder where they jump out of the six (6) million euro spent to bring the waste from Campania in Mazzarrà St. Andrew in the province of Messina in Sicily or others to get them to Halmstad in southern Sweden, where plus (and rightly so, we also consider fools. 28.08 La Stampa. 2011).

Objectively, though, even if such behavior is absolutely clear that we are the fools, does not necessarily mean that they are the smart ones. They are simply more fortunate, because the only real difference that sets us apart is that to cover their entire national energy needs, they produce a lot of CO2 pollution and many other poisonous substances, equal to those produced in Italy to ensure the energy requirements of one area of ​​Milan. In fact, in an area one and a half Italy (450,000 km 2 against our 300,000 km 2), and live only 9 million inhabitants against the Italic 60 million, and the density of population is about 10 times lower than that Italian (20 inhabitants / km 2 versus 195 inhabitants / km 2 in Italy). This means that for the same pollution to cover their energy needs, the air we breathe is at least 10 times cleaner and healthier than ours and not immediately perceive the direct effects of pollution, nor the damage they are doing to their environment and temperature and CO2 in the atmosphere, feel safe and smarter than the others, however are only momentarily lucky (or, from the point of view, less conscious than others. enough to remember the disappointment of Escherichia coli in Germany).

If desired, however, we could also quickly become just as "smart" if not even more (or more correctly, just a little more intelligent) and all of them existing users of Termoinquinatori (also Italian), simply by replacing ours, senseless actions incineration or expensive indiscriminate export of a huge resource and economic well-being, more completely free, attrezzandoci to remove the same waste directly to our home and the cost and zero pollution, since all the waste we produce, they can become a resource for far greater and more valuable, as of today fail to exploit the supposed "smart" in Sweden (and the rest of the world) with their old Termoinquinatori.

The usefulness of the waste there was once again demonstrated by the fact that already a number of Swedish municipalities managed by efficient and awake alleged cunning, they are ready to offer their Termoinquinatori the alleged "idiots" in exchange for many tons of precious fuel for their electricity production (instead of the current scraps of wood, which they burn to produce electricity and they have to pay for them), because not only is completely free, but we also add 40 Euros per tonne as "icing on the cake." With this formula produce free electricity enough to be able to enjoy a discount of 20% on the bills of their fellow citizens and 40 Euros per tonne are ... "tip."

Up to this point of the article seemed to have said almost everything and more than what harm could be said of the export of waste to spend money we do not solve our problems, when I was interrupted by the arrival of a newsletter that left me speechless, so instead of commenting on, since I can not find the words to do it, I'd rather stick it in full below, limiting only to turn bold as it seems to me most worthy of note.

The real emergencies - The garbage in Naples will be in the Netherlands. Reached an agreement

Naples, August 29 - The Neapolitan garbage part for Holland. Approximately 250 thousand tons of garbage will be accepted in two years. The total cost of export will be approximately EUR 27 million, approximately EUR 109 per tonne. Negotiations with representatives of Dutch companies waste disposal were handled directly by the Mayor De Magistris and his staff, who until the agreement has not been signed not to disclose the terms of the negotiations. The export of waste outside the country will be run by a consortium created ad hoc (joint with external relevance), attended by Asia and Sapna, the provincial company that takes care of the garbage. Between September and March should depart from the port of Naples 48 thousand tons of garbage directly in some Dutch cities, which will not sell your name. By the end of 2013 should arrive in waves, the other 200 thousand. In this way, the situation of garbage in the city should be kept under control. At year end, the City expects that the collection will involve a pool of more than 300 thousand people. In agreement with the province should be built, in the meantime, composting plants and seven other storage centers.


And the material that will be stored in the seven centers, then what will?

Offer all of the above to a third party, and in addition also pass for fools is not pleasant, so it should at least make us reflect and think that if others are using with enthusiasm as we consider a misfortune, perhaps there might be something wrong in their us and in our behavior. This, however, depends only on the will of those who administer and is in charge of making these decisions.

However, the serious thing about all this is not so much the export of waste in emergencies (even if used in the right way becomes a valuable product to the point that wanting to make an easy joke, we could say that it is a kind of ... "export of capital"), but now that all of our directors are well aware of the existence of the latest technologies and operating formulas can eliminate without any pollution of any kind whatsoever, including the most dangerous, guaranteeing more than 30% of discount (not 20%) on the bills of its administered, and without asking them a single euro for the construction of inquinantissimi Termomostri old, to make the costly differentiation by hand, instead of letting equally and with the same results, but with electromechanical process entirely and at no cost, or pay astronomical sums for the transport of the waste ends of the earth, because the 40 euro that we need to add to the Swedes: the costs of transportation to the ship, cargo ones, those of the freight of the ship, the discharge of itself, transportation to the Termoinquinatore, plus the gain of each step right hand.

It 'good that people know that in Italy there are now directors who have not heard about it at least once in these new clean technologies and at no charge. However, those few who, in good faith, do not know really, they can always ask your neighbor armchair, City, Province or Region.

To get the best results as soon as possible for the good of all, it is now more than enough for any reader tell all their friends about how things are really about waste and the possibility of reducing a great deal of expense and cancer. The rest will think the natural instinct in every living being to fight for the survival of the species.

Sergio Marchetti




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By: Sergio Marchetti