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corsoODB-GOOGLE Training ODB THETA (Operators Welfare) is a path that comes from the need to share our expertise and experience in the study and research on the use of brain waves Theta as a means of changing the emotional, physical, spiritual. The course offered by the Training ODB THETA is taught by counselor, trainers,
Naturopaths and specialists in the field of holistic health and alternative medicine.
The formation is characterized by the structure of its programs and it does perform his students internships within support groups in order to verify and improve the techniques learned in the course of study.
Training ODB THETA is a path qualified by CSEN (National Educational Sports Center) Sports Promotion Board recognized by the CONI (art. 31 of Presidential Decree No. 530 of 02/08/74) National with charitable purposes recognized by the Ministry of the Interior (DM 559 /C.3206.12000.A. [101] of 29/02/92), from the School of Naturopathy Euquantica.

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✿ ➋ MODULE: "Hug Mother, Allineandomi the Creative Force"

- For women who want to become mothers -

We really know what we run when we decide to become expectant mothers? There is a precise map, but there are many women who can make available their expertise to tell and share the thoughts that all of us, we had to prepare ourselves to the role of Mother. Offer its recorded history "orally" it is the first step to re-establish the connection between "Sisters and Daughters of Gaia".

This is a course taught by naturopaths and counselor. (more ...)




How many of us know their feminine energy? How many understand the gift of his inner power, once handed down from mother to daughter? We live in a modern society, but we belong to a story as old as our planet, Gaia. A meeting to remember our side dozed off, learning to use the creative power and understanding the importance of our polarity.
A reunion with their sisters, away from the competition to rediscover the sense of union.

Taught by naturopaths and counselor. (more ...)


Seminar Online ANATOMY psychoemotional by Daniele Sordoni (1st module)

Since ancient times, it was always known that feelings and emotions, positive and negative, produced a certain impact on the organism. This orientation of studies and research, said then that the disease arises from the individual's relationship with his environment within and without. However, it remembers that a particular situation has a precise meaning in each individual, depending on his experience, its history and its psychological development (chronological relationship between evolution of the illness and the emotional life). (more ...)


Cos 'is the solstice' winter, and because around the world people, so many different people with each other, they want to celebrate it ???

The "Solstice", a word that derives from the Latin sol (sun) and statum (stopped), reflects what we see in the early days of 'summer and winter, when, at dawn, for two or three days, the sun seems to linger a few minutes in its passage through the sky, before starting to appear and to retrace their steps.

Indeed, "chips of the Sun" is an old phrase, used both by Hesiod that by Homer. The writer Alan Furst to one of his characters points out that, "it is said that on this day the sun will break us."

... Pleasant, as an idea, is not it? ... As if the universe would stop for a moment to reflect, taking a day off from work. You can feel it, you feel it: time slows down. (more ...)

By: Antonio Pisilli

The school plays a key role in the lives of our children if you think that most of the hours lived between the classroom.

"Mens sana in corpore sano" ..

Indeed, it is a real gym with its bumps and sweat carries the ultimate aim to perfect "mindset" that will enable the 'insertion into the real LIFE to the future citizen of the world!

... "Per aspera ad astra !!!"

What if ... the training is hard and constant results will be seen not immediately but in the long term.
Years pass, fashions pass, but the school is still the place where you can forge the personality of future generations and make them emerge.
In this article I wanted to compare two approaches to the school situation and answer the question has always existed in human thought: better school or school worse ??? (more ...)

By: Prof. Angela Scalera

Waste Separation "Manual"

Of: 10 November 2011

From initial great resource for a wise and intelligent action recovery and recycling, Waste Separation Manual has become an absurd, useless, obsolete and costly method suitable only to produce significant problems for Directors, costs to users and serious damage to their health, the great pollution that this method indirectly, but inevitably causes.

Given that those who choose and organize the "Waste Separation Manual" (sometimes for pure misinformation and believe in good faith to do the best thing), no longer go on foot or on horseback as before, but use new technologies as a comfortable car or an efficient and modern refrigerator instead of the retina anti flies of our ancestors; why not try to take advantage of the existence of other new technologies, and also in favor of the health of their fellow citizens? (more ...)

By: Dr. Sergio Marchetti

Who would have thought that a famous writer, he knows skillfully juggle with a shopping list? Just like that.

Who invents stories, knows the grocery store, it's a great home!

In the experience of a literary author (it is known or newcomer) happens often see pass before the eyes of the imagination, a brilliant idea.

"I could write a story!" - Is the first reaction.

Ready, set, and a new word file glows good will.

This is where the author (emerging, this time!), After a few pages, or even a few lines, crashes into the limits of that idea that had seemed like lighting or divine sign. And you can bet, it always ends the same way ... he in fact, weakened by his own will, in the file to the trash, where they lie for some time, others megabytes opening words of the dead in the bud. (more ...)

By: Thomas Occhiogrosso

The action that does not

Del: November 3, 2011

"Every civilization through the dark times, when it seems that only the wicked triumph, the exploiters. But this is not a reason to say that there are no more prophets or witnesses. "(CM Martini, the common feeling, 2011).

Sometimes it happens that, among the many things that we usually pack our days, our action gives way to pause, to reflect on some topics that usually define as "themes of existence."

We often like to discuss it with relatives, friends or colleagues, and visit us suddenly in a flow of consciousness in which, as when as children we played, we ask a why. (more ...)

By: prof. Alessandro Bertirotti

In Italy a taxpayer out of eight is at risk of poverty and the worst situations are found in the center-north and in Sardinia. This is what reveals a report by the Centre for the Study Summary of Venice who analyzed the "risk of poverty" at the local level, an index that expresses the percentage of taxpayers who declare an income below a certain critical threshold, which varies from municipality to municipality and depends from different levels of spending on household consumption, the average family size and the average number of income earners per household.

According to the study (which takes into account data from Istat and the Ministry of Finance in 2008), considering the 117 provincial capitals, on average about 12.2% of taxpayers (1.2 million people) declared an income of less the average poverty threshold (€ 9,893 per year, compared with an average income of 26,434 euro). The study center also has compiled a ranking summary ( download tables ) of the municipalities most at risk of poverty locally. (more ...)

By: David Incamicia

The Ecological Complex Multipurpose is a kind of "anti-pollution Citadel", containing many different technologies together and assembled in a single structure, able to process and eliminate any type, quantity and danger of waste, by common MSW landfill leachate all'inquinantissimo until fearsome Asbestos, making them completely inert and harmless, without producing the least amount of waste and / or liquid or gaseous waste issue that pollute the air, soil and water of the water table.

The Ecological Complex Multipurpose has as main characteristic to not contain any combustion furnaces or chimneys for the release of smoke from waste incineration, and operates in a total absence of any form of pollution. It 'also the only technology for the treatment of waste can produce DRINKING WATER, Electricity, Heat and construction products for the complete acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as bricks and standing panels to create buildings up to 10 floors totally seismic that can be used by public bodies at significantly lower costs than the market. (more ...)

By: Dr. Sergio Marchetti

I offer in this paper a working hypothesis which I hope receive her as a stimulus.

I already mentioned the interconnection that unites us all in an amazing complex that we call humanity.

Each of us is perceived as a single but despite having its own individuality, which I consider very important, participates with others in a dimension of communication and union on many levels.

This participation or co-participation also puts us in connection with the whole universe, from which we are conditioned and stimulated in various ways. (more ...)

By: Luca Ferretti
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Inside the cylinder (debutant): mood

Del: 29 settembre 2011

Dopo aver passato in rassegna gli elementi fondamentali che ruotano intorno al “successo” di un romanzo (ovvero Autore, Editore, Lettore), mi piacerebbe entrare nel merito della questione e porre una lente d'ingrandimento che vada a sbirciare negli anfratti che portano alla realizzazione del prodotto finale.

Insomma, vediamo cosa nasconde questo benedetto Cilindro!

Nell'argomentare i “curiosi casi” di un esordiente, mi guardo bene dal pormi come modello o esempio. Questa non vuol essere una guida. Preferirei definirla una vacanza offerta dallo staff, un soggiorno gratuito tra le pagine e le sigarette di un emergente.

Il fine? Simple. Puro intrattenimento culturale. Non ho la pretesa di cambiare il mondo: preferisco rendere piacevole la permanenza.

Chiedo venia fin d'ora se utilizzerò riferimenti personali: fatevi pure gli affari miei, dunque, e accomodatevi! (altro…)

By: Tommaso Occhiogrosso

Once upon a time…..

C'era una volta….. l'inglese appreso dai nostri connazionali che sbarcavano nel nuovo continente e riuscivano dopo poco tempo a capire ea farsi capire nella nuova lingua, spinti sovente dalla necessità di sopravvivere.

Per dirla secondo la moderna certificazione, essi raggiungevano il livello base ( basic interpersonal communication skills ) quello utilizzato nelle relazioni interpersonali per interagire socialmente con gli altri e ci riuscivano…non importa in che modo …ma ci riuscivano..

Perchè … “nell'uomo, in ogni uomo, c'è una grande possibilità di cambiamento” .(V. Foa)

E loro.. ci credevano, spinti e sostenuti da quella forte volontà interiore, cercavano in tutti i modi e con quei pochi strumenti a loro disposizione di voler cambiare se stessi e il mondo!!! (altro…)

By: Prof. Angela Scalera

Sta per avviarsi un nuovo anno scolastico , che molto verosimilmente sarà segnato ancora una volta da carenze e disfunzioni a livello normativo e organizzativo. Fra tagli, caro libri e classi ghetto , certamente non mancheranno le polemiche politiche e le proteste di piazza di quanti dell'istituzione educativa per eccellenza dovrebbero essere i principali fruitori: le famiglie ei giovani. Genitori e studenti, assieme ai lavoratori della scuola, non potranno quindi che dare battaglia, ben consapevoli che difficilmente potranno ottenere qualcosa di più del semplice ascolto da parte delle istituzioni, in un frangente di crisi complessiva che rischia di infiammare la nostra società per le questioni legate innanzitutto all'economia e al lavoro. (altro…)

By: David Incamicia
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